Trophy Whitetail Hunts

Through years of selective management and nutrition we have allowed our herd to mature and we truly have some monster bucks.  The properties are expertly managed to produce Trophy Whitetail Deer with the help of the state and private wildlife biologists.  We offer the thrill of a South Texas Trophy whitetail deer hunt with mature bucks scoring anywhere from 140” to over 200.”  The management program is impressive and its common to see 10-15 bucks in a morning or evening hunt.  The majority of those bucks will be mature and several of them are likely to be trophies.

A deposit of $4,000.00 will be required to reserve your dates. In the event of a successful hunt the entire deposit will be applied to your trophy fee. If you are not successful in shooting a deer, 50% of your deposit will be refunded.


  • 140-150
  • 150-160
  • 160-170
  • 170-180
  • 180-190
  • 190-200
  • 200+
    Individually Priced