Exotic Hunts

Texas Exotic Hunts are one of our specialties at Five Star Ranches.   Thanks to the diversity of our south Texas brush country and Texas hill country properties, we have the habitat to support most of the exotic and super exotic game species that can be found in Texas.  We have lots of breeding herds roaming around wild on our properties.  This, combined with our expert guides, makes for the ultimate in Texas Exotic Hunting experience.  If you are interested in an exotic hunt, Five Star Ranches is the place for you. We offer spectacular year round, fully guided, hunts on a variety of different exotic and super exotic species.


  • Axis
  • Impala
  • Transcaspian Urials
  • Kudu

Trophy fees for other species available upon request


The Axis deer is a moderately large spotted deer with three tines on each antler.  Axis deer are native to India, where they are known as “Chital”, and are one of the favourite preys for the Tiger.  Axis deer hunts were introduced to Texas in the 1930’s and are now the most numerous and widespread introduced deer in Texas. Axis deer are about 40 inches at the shoulder and adult males can weight up to 250 pounds. They have reddish-brown coats with white spots along their sides. Trophy males can easily exceed 30 inches. They shed their antlers at different times of the year, making them a great summer time hunt.


Impala is a medium sized antelope found through much of Africa.  They are approximately the size of our whitetail deer.  One of the fun things about them is that they are active during the middle of the day, providing excellent hunting opportunities when the deer are less likely to be moving.

Transcaspian Urials

Transcaspian Urials are indigenous to central Asia and are probably the most sought after of the Urial sheep.  They are about double the size of a mouflon sheep, comparable to Desert Bighorn rams.  They are gorgeous, making them the perfect trophy.


The Greater Kudu is a woodland antelope found throughout Eastern and Southern Africa.  Greater Kudus have a narrow body with long legs and their coats can range from brown/bluish-grey to reddish brown.  They have between 4-12 vertical white stripes along their torso.  Trophy Bull Kudus have horns that measure over 50 inches and they weigh about 600 pounds.   Trophy Kudu are one of the most sought after trophies in Africa. Often times called “The Gray Ghost.”